León Christian Barragán Torres
Guadalajara, México. 1975.

Based in Guadalajara, where he puts his efforts into the fiction that sound creates in space. He has a graduate degree in Architecture from the University of Guadalajara (U de G) and is currently writing his PhD thesis for the Polytechnic University of Catalunya (UPC). The title of his dissertation is Architecture: Articulation and Artifice, and it's about architectural projects that are based in the relations between space, matter and sound.

In 2008, MATA published Lunar (L001CDR) and PURE ELECTRIC SHIT! (L003DVDR) with his collective project ION. He will publish again with Licuadora Records his album Intemperie on 2009. He also works with Esteban De la Monja Casar in the duo León Casar. And recently, he put together the band Salazar with Sinclair Castro from Asunción, and Eduardo Martínez from The Copy Violators.

Audio samples:
Lunar (from the album Lunar, mp3 5.6MB)

Galería Sector Reforma, Gdl. With Piscis, Seppuku and Gersio.
Versus Rock Bar, Gdl. With Blunt Reyvnolds? and Justice Fehlman.
Polyforum Siqueiros, México, D.F. At the Indie-O Awards.
Ñaque Music, Gdl. At the Monster Bloody Mondays.
Estudio Diana, Gdl. With Israel M.
Bar Anatómico, Gdl. With Piscis and Esteban De la Monja Casar.
Exconvento del Carmen, Gdl. At MOD Festival.
Yellow Bird of Mathias Goeritz, Gdl. At the Ferroproyección of Andrés Padilla
Domene. With Piscis, Pesina Siller, Israel M, Tinnitus and Esteban De la Monja Casar.