Esteban De la Monja Casar
Zapopan, México. 1979.

He was born in Zapopan, where he now lives and works. He has a graduate degree in Communications and holds several postgraduate degrees in multimedia, art, and digital creation, obtained both at his homeland and abroad. He splits his time between teaching at a local audiovisual arts school, visual art creation, and noise music production. He has released his noise as himself with Hacked Tapes (MX), Amp Recs (MX), Licuadora Records (MX) and Fag Tapes (US). Also has many duo projects; León Casar, Tinnitus, The Hoola Hoop Sessions and The 666 Noise Films, all with Licuadora Records. His releases with our label are Telefonema (L002CDR), Lluvia (L006CDR) and one track on Licuadoras's Vol. 1 (L004CD). And lately a net release called Feelings (L008NET).

De la Monja bases his artistic endeavors on obsession, he is a manic for process, for how the electronic media that has surround him since childhood is built. He looses his sleep thinking in how things work, how a signal is related to another, how bits are a part of content and meaning, being sound, literature or visual media. And above all, he's interested in the creation of systems and structures that unveil, translate and interpret all those relations to create pieces where the aesthetic and the conceptual take all the weight.

Audio samples :
Telefonema (zip file 52.2MB)
Edar Alan Poe's Sound check (part of a Hacked Tapes compilation, mp3 7.2MB)
Faros (part of an Amp Recs compilation)
Fast Food Droning (from side project Gato, mp3 17.2MB)
Métaphysique des Tubes (from side project Gato, mp3 11.3MB)