Arturo Ortega
Guadalajara, México. 1981.

Based in Guadalajara, and perhaps the most active noiser in town, he has played everywhere in México you can think of. His collaborations are endless, making music with pretty much everyone he can get his wires on, working for film, theatre, performance and advertising. Also creator and administrator of the label Amp Recs.

Working with Licuadora, he has shared venues with MATA and Esteban De la Monja, worked in duo with, again, MATA. And has another project with De la Monja called Tinnitus, which will be releasing it´s first album on mid 2009. Also appears on Licuadora's Vol. 1 (L004CD).

Audio samples:
Piscis At Ñaque Music on May 12th 2008 (extract from Licuadora's Vol.1, mp3 4.7MB)

Discography (PDF 96KB)