Esteban de la Monja Casar
MX. 2008

Mastering by H at Higo Music

1. Sólo Máquinas - 14:25
2. Suicidio - 14:22

The title of the album is "Telefonema", and basically means Phone Call. The sound sources were frequency generators, phone calls, static and signals from cell, cordless and regular land phones. It was recorded in full length takes in an overdub process (with many pedals in between) to tape in a 4 track TASCAM PortaStudio, and then digitalized at 24-bits. Apart from the mix of the tracks and the mastering process, it hardly has any editing to it, and I assure you that this little monster screams like the devil being boiled on vinegar (ok I'm being so full of myself on that last sentence... sorry). The title of the two tracks are 1. Sólo Máquinas (meaning Only Machines), 2. Suicidio (means Suicide), and they run for about 14'20" each.

This release is currently out of stock, we have some sleeves already printed and would be available on demand only. We have a free download for the time being at (zip file 454MB AIFF). But please do consider purchasing this album. Also try Fag Tapes, as this album was released in cassette with them (FT192).